The Neubauer Inheritance

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The Neubauer Inheritance

Sebald and Margaretha Neubauer were a wealthy Catholic family in Bavaria, Germany. Their daughter Anna, ran off with their 21-year old gardener, Conrad Traudner, in 1854, and immigrated to America, where they were married at Most Holy Redeemer Church at 173 East 3rd Street. The Neubauers became enraged at this and vowed not to give Anna her inheritance. It would instead go to any of Anna's siblings that became a priest or a nun, and if this did not occur it would go to their grand-children.

Upon reaching America, Conrad and Anna Troudner used a sum of money they brought with them to purchase a Saloon. They leased the apartments above while their two sons, George and John, and their daughter Mary, helped in running the Saloon. One night in 1892 upon Conrad's request, John walked a drunk patron home from the Saloon where he was robbed and murdered at the age of 27.

The Saloon and Apartment building was located in New York City at 231 East 3rd Street, although it is believed the family lost possession of the building in the 1920's due to tax problems. Now the building no longer exists.

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